Hebrew Tutoring Program

Hebrew language is a key that opens up our Jewish tradition, texts, people, and prayers. Prayerbook Hebrew invites greater and more comfortable engagement with Jewish prayer. Conversational Hebrew allows us to connect with our people in Israel and around the world.

Our Hebrew Tutoring Program provides personalized, intensive Hebrew language learning in small groups:

  • All 4th to 6th grade students meet for one hour per week in small groups of five to seven students per class.
  • All 4th to 6th grade students also enroll in our Judaica program – Kesher.
  • Private Hebrew tutoring in your home is also available. Please contact Rabbi Julia Weisz (or call 818-880-4880).

Our younger students in Kesher learn some Hebrew letters and words through their regular class sessions.


5th Grade Hebrew Prayers:

1. Barchu
2. Mi Chamocha (Morning)
3. Mi Chamocha (Evening Slow)
4. Mi Chamocha (Evening Regular)
5. Amidah Avot V’Imahot
6. Amidah G’vurot
7. Amidah K’dushat Hayom
8. Sim Shalom
9. Shalom Rav


6th Grade Hebrew Prayers:

1. V’Ahavta (Slow)
2. V’Ahavta (Regular)
3. V’Shamru
4. Aleinu (Slow)
5. Aleinu (Regular)
6. Chatzi Kaddish (Slow)
7. Chatzi Kaddish (Regular)
8. Shalom Rav


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