Kesher 2021 Details @ Ilan Ramon Day School

All parents must complete the Kesher Off-Site Waiver Form for each child attending before dropping their kid(s) off for Kesher at Ilan Ramon Day School. Thank you!

We are so excited to begin our first classes of our 2021-2022 Kesher year! Enrollment has been so strong that we have had to move off-site to a new location. Kesher on Tuesdays and Wednesday will now be held at Ilan Ramon Day School from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Please see below for some important details about our new temporary home at Ilan Ramon Day School (IRDS):

IRDS Location: 27400 Canwood St, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301

We are trying something new: We really appreciate everyone’s efforts to have patience and kindness towards others as we navigate our new temporary Kesher home.

Drop Off: Drop off for Kesher starts at 4:00 pm. Please try to arrive as close to 4 pm as possible because if you are too early you might get stuck in IRDS end-of-day carpool traffic. The best time to drop off your child for Kesher is between 4:00 and 4:15 pm. Please be wearing a mask when being dropped off as Or Ami staff will be approaching your car for COVID screening questions.

COVID Screening: When you arrive in the Kesher carpool line, an Or Ami staff member will approach your car to ask screening questions to ensure a healthy and COVID-safe environment for Kesher. In order for your child(ren) to attend Kesher, verbal confirmation of a “no” answer will be needed from parents to the following questions:

  • Does your child(ren) have any COVID-like symptoms?
  • Has your child(ren) had any contact with anyone infected with COVID?
  • Is your child(ren) quarantining for any reason related to COVID?

Temperatures will be checked as well. Please instruct your child(ren) to stay in their seatbelts until an Or Ami staff person tells them it is OK to exit the car.

Security: There will be IRDS security in a security booth at the front entrance and additional Or Ami security on campus.

Snack: A small snack will be provided. Please feel free to bring your own water.

COVID Protocols: All Kesher students will be wearing masks at all times, except when eating or drinking. They will also be washing hands upon arrival at IRDS’s hand-washing stations.

“What do we bring?”: There is no need to bring anything except for a water bottle if your child(ren) prefers to have their own and any extra layers (sweatshirt/jacket) if you’re worried about your child(ren) getting cold. Please label any and all items/extra layers. Please make sure to also have your child(ren) wear closed-toed shoes for running around on the playground & IRDS campus.

We are trying something new: Yep, so nice we’re saying it twice! We really appreciate everyone’s efforts to have patience and kindness towards others as we navigate our new temporary Kesher home.

Questions? Please contact School Registrar Kami Brown at