Kvell and Tell – August 18 2021 – Kadima Fellow Testimonials

Our amazing Kadima Fellowship is a cohort of high school and college students that seek to pursue an intended career by learning skills in leadership, project management, professionalism, storytelling, gain a professional mentor, build a professional network of mentors, colleagues, and friends who can advocate for them in future professional pursuits, sharpen their proficiency in project management and work on a career-path-inspired project that will highlight their unique skillset to future employers and repair the world by collaborating on a group social justice initiative while simultaneously strengthening their resume.

How great is the experience for our Fellows? Here is what some of them had to say:

Leah Kelly
Junior at Washington University in St. Louis
Field: Law/Non-profit

leah kelly

“My favorite portion of this experience was probably meeting my mentor Jody. I really enjoyed the seminars and project, however, developing this relationship with a working professional feels very valuable to me moving forward . She offered me a window into my profession of interest and helped me understand how I can enact change in my own life.”

Sam Kelly
Freshman at the University of Cincinnati Music Conservatory
Field: Music Performance

sam kelly

“My favorite part of Kadima was the time I spent with my mentor. He made me feel capable in the face of the harsh music industry, while keeping me humble in the face how much I can learn, grow, and change. It was so special to get to spend that one-on-one time with such a seasoned and accomplished musician, especially since it was so fluid and we could talk about whatever we wanted, whenever.”

Michael Wagner
Senior at Crespi Carmelite High School
Field: Business Entrepreneurship

michael wagner

“Although I enjoyed every aspect of the Fellowship, I would say my favorite part was our Social Justice Initiative event that we organized! Honestly it was very fun to finally see everyone in person and help out TreePeople.”

Becca Deutsch
Junior at Texas A&M University
Field: Social Media Marketing

becca deutsch

“One of my favorite things about the Kadima Fellowship was being able to collaborate with the rest of my cohort on a social justice project. It was an amazing experience to work with peers who are just as passionate about social justice as I am. I also had a great time speaking with my mentor and learning more about the different paths to the career I want. I am so grateful to the Kadima Fellowship for connecting us and I hope to continue to talk with her in the future!”

Dylan Shapiro
Sophomore at UC Santa Barbara
Field: Law

dylan shapiro

“I loved learning skills through the leadership development seminars that will aid me significantly in navigating a somewhat scary and unknown at times professional future. I have a newfound understanding of skills that I should be utilizing to get me to my desired career and what to expect on the way. Additionally, being able to meet with a mentor who has over thirty years of experience in the field I want to be a part of was amazing. I was able to ask so many questions to ease my nerves as I begin my career journey.”

For more information, to participate, or be a mentor, contact Rabbi Paul Kipnes (rabbipaul@orami.org)