Mission Statement

At Or Ami, People Matter!

We are a Jewish Reform Congregation.  Or Ami is home to a warm and welcoming, innovative, musical Jewish community.  We deepen relationships with each other, while immersing in Torah, Israel and the Source of All Life.  We travel together down Jewish paths which inspire our hearts and souls, and transform us to seek justice and nurture compassion in the world.

Our Values: Innovation/Chiddish, Accessibility of Clergy/ Aseh L’cha Rav, Joy/ Simcha, Openness/Petichut, Caring Community/ Henaynu, Life-long Learning/ Talmud Torah, Social Justice/Tikun Olam, Ethical and Financial Responsibility/ Tzedek.

  • Innovation/Chiddish: We delight in continuing opportunities to renew and transform our community, our traditions, our programs and ourselves.
  • Accessibility of Clergy/Aseh L’cha Rav: We connect with clergy who are genuine, ethical, open and available.
  • Joy/Simcha: We celebrate life through word and song because we believe that life is filled with blessing.
  • Openness/Petichut: We create a community where there is a free exchange of ideas and where we courageously talk about the difficult truths in life. We seek the participation and insights of all members of our community.
  • Caring Community/Henaynu: We are “there” for people through their joyous moments and their sad times. As an inclusive community, we welcome Jewish individuals, families, and couples. Our members are young and old; able-bodied and have special needs; single, couples, divorced and blended families; of various genders and orientations; multicultural/multiethnic; whole to broken; and struggling to wealthy.
  • Life-long Learning/Talmud Torah: From birth through burial, we grapple together with Jewish texts, traditions and mitzvot to illuminate our lives and touch our souls.
  • Social Justice/Tikun Olam: We pursue justice, compassion, truth and peace, actively transforming our world.
  • Ethical and Financial Responsibility/Tzedek: We treat each other ethically. We care for our environment. We honor the tzedakah entrusted to us and apply it responsibly.
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