Save a Child’s Heart

Partner Outside Organization: none

Chair: Jack Mayer


When: ongoing

Completion Date of Last Project: ongoing

Description: Save a Child’s Heart is a highly acclaimed Israeli international humanitarian medical project, located at the Wolfson Medical Center, a government hospital in Holon, Israel. Our mission is to save the lives of children from developing countries by performing heart surgery to correct congenital heart problems and deformities. Without this treatment all of these children would perish. Also we train pediatric heart surgeons and medical specialists to create medical teams to work in their own countries.  To date, we have saved more than 3300 children from 48 countries. More than half of the children who were treated successfully last year were from Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. SACH also operates a Children’s Home in Holon where the children and guardians from various countries stay normally for 3 months for pre and post-operative care. The cost to save one child is only $10,000 … much less than a 10th of what it would cost in the United States.

Family Friendly: Yes

Is It B’nai Mitzvah Project Worthy?: Mitzvah Projects require a minimum 10-hour “hands on” commitment to a single project. Any fundraising needs to be above and beyond the basic requirements. Interested students should contact the Event Chair to discuss an advocacy or awareness-raising campaign involving outreach to schools, scouts, or other outside community organizations. Mitzvah Project Coordinator approval required.

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