BMitzvah Toolbox

We now call this the BMitzvah process, expanding the words “Bar or Bat Mitzvah, B’nai and B’not Mitzvah” to be more inclusive.

Blessing the Torah (for your Aliyah)

Torah Blessings 
(in Hebrew, English and transliteration)

Listen to the blessings and practice:
Before (slow) 
Before (normal speed)

After (slow) 
After (normal speed)

Watch How the Blessings are Done

Mitzvah Project:
Or Ami BMitzvah students are automatically enrolled into a robust and comprehensive program known as Mitzvah Project Central (MPC), operated by our partners at Tzedek America. To learn more about MPC, please see page 10 of the BMitzvah Guidebook.

Questions? Contact Project Coordinator Andrew Fromer

BMitzvah Guidebook

BMitzvah Prayerbook

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