Being Together – Creating Friendships

Womens Night Out 1At Or Ami we find joy in being together. Many different groups encourage us to move deeply to build relationships.

Our Men’s Night Out and Women’s Night Out brings together separate groups of men and women every 6 weeks to different congregant homes for a socializing and schmoozing (conversation). Over a light dinner and drinks, new friendships are created, family connections are created, and sometimes business relationships even develop. Our rabbis guide us to explore what it means to be a man or woman today, and to be part of a Jewish family. Each attendee is assigned a troika, a group of 3 people, who will get together before the next gathering over coffee or a meal to get to know each other better. Friendships blossom quickly.

Our Business Roundtable is a community of professionals who serve their clients as trusted advisors and share the highest standards of integrity, performance and accountability. Meeting monthly over breakfast, we promote and enable relationship building, information sharing and collaboration among our members for the benefit of clients and one another. We enjoy a Jewish take on our work so that Judaism can keep us grounded and our integrity intact.

We cherish our relationship with Chaverim, a program of Jewish Family Service, which provides classes, programs and religious activities for developmentally disabled adults (age 18 to 80). Or Ami is Chaverim’s Conejo Valley synagogue, offering full participation so that they can truly feel part of a Jewish community.

lomptyLoMPTY (Light of My People Temple Youth) is our 9th through 12 grade Temple Youth Group. Ever wonder how we can ensure that our teenagers continue to connect to Jewish living? How post-B’nai Mitzvah youth retain their love of Judaism, Or Ami and our values? LoMPTY, our social and cultural Jewish youth group led by teens for teens, is the answer! Whether enjoying a ballgame, or late-night broomball, participating in social action projects, or leading music for Havdalah services, our teenagers experience the delights of being Jewish, as they develop leadership skills, social consciousness and Jewish joyfulness. LoMPTYites also engage in social action projects and meaningful discussions about peer pressure, sex, the world at war, human rights and more. 

SoMPTY (Sparks of My People Temple Youth) is our  6th through 8th grade youth group. Led by youth advisors and guided by our senior youth group board, SoMPTY is designed for socializing and relationship building within our community. Whether engaging in fun activities or social action projects, the teens develop an appreciation for Jewish community and their own worthiness as pre-teens.

Our Affinity Groups fosters relationships between members who are spread out all over the Conejo and West San Fernando Valleys. Recent Affinity Groups include the Or Ami Chorale, the Voice of Or Ami concerts, Book Clubs, Cooking Group, 10 Plagues Softball Team, Photography, Hiking Group, Avon 2-Day Walk Team, and Mountain Biking, with others in formation for Runners, Bowlers, Museum Mavens, Mah Jongg players and more. 

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