Diane Townsend – Bar/Bat Mitzvah Teacher



Diane is our Bar/Bat Mitzvah teacher, working with Or Ami youth and adults since 1997. She loves working individually with her students, teaching them the prayers, Torah and Haftarah portions, and helping them attain confidence standing in front of their family and friends. She helps the whole family feel that their child has accomplished something very significant and special.

Diane says that “she finds Or Ami to be an amazing, caring congregation and truly a community that reaches out to everyone, making them feel that Or Ami is our home. Our clergy are amazing, and have a special way of connecting with our congregants, especially our youth.”

Diane enjoys spending time with her two sons, Joshua (who currently lives in Switzerland) and Daniel (who is an amazing massage therapist), her sister Sheri and the rest of her family. She loves to attend the theater, travel, and play Mahjong.

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