Family Learning Program Creating Kind, Compassionate Kids

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Introducing Mensch-ify, a parenting and pre-K to 6th grader Jewish “how to” experience, guiding parents on how to raise Jewish mensches (kind and compassionate Jewishly-engaged children), while simultaneously teaching pre-K to 6th graders how to live as mensches.

Participants, rabbis and faculty apply these Jewish stories and traditions to develop kindness, compassion and motivation to improve the world.

Mensch-ify families prefer family learning because they want to embed menschy values in their home and family. Participants learn from everyday heroes about the mensch work they do as well as participate in mitzvah projects, meet Torah heroes, and interact with local organizations that provide tangible ways to act menschy.

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Ideal for Young Families
Enjoy hands-on activities, personal relationships with the rabbis and instant playdate-worthy connections with other families.

Lower Cost, Fewer Sessions, Greater Benefit
Mensch-ify runs for eight months, fifteen sessions on Sunday mornings. Lower tuition than Kesher 3.0. New kindergarten and first grade students receive free tuition for 2018-2019.

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For more information, contact Jenny Mazzella