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Or Ami One 2019

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Brooke and Ike Praw
Samuel A. Wolfson Community Leadership Award 

Ike and Brooke are inspired community leaders, working tirelessly to deepen our kehillah kedoshah (holy community). They enfold everyone they meet – new visitors and longtime congregants alike – in an enthusiastic embrace that conveys  personal friendliness and the haimishe warmth for which Or Ami is known. By opening their home, inviting people out to dinner, bringing others with them to services, creating meaningful adult gatherings, Brooke and Ike personify the ideal of leadership. 
Through their leadership on the Partnership  and the Communications and Program Committees, they devote endless hours and abundant energy to ensure that the light of Congregation Or Ami shines brightly. Ike and Brooke are transforming the Jewish community across the West San Fernando and Conejo Valley by embedding an overflowing sense of vibrancy, kindness, and inclusion.
Sheryl Braunstein Square

Sheryl Braunstein
L’dor Vador Award: Passing Torah onto the Next Generation

Sheryl Braunstein dedicates herself to composing original Jewish music that inspires spirituality and deep connections. She transmits abiding Jewish values and foundational Jewish Torah stories through her vibrant songs. A guest soloist who fills in when Cantor Doug Cotler is away and who lends her voice to the Or Ami Chorale, Sheryl also uplifts High Holy Day and Shabbat worshippers, reminding us again and again how music brings comfort, celebration, and solace. 
When Sheryl sings with her angelic voice, our joys are heightened, our sadness comforted, and we feel more connected to the holiness that surrounds us.

The Samuel A. Wolfson Community Leadership Award

Samuel A. Wolfson

Congregation Or Ami and the Wolfson Family joyously announces the Samuel A. Wolfson Community Leadership Award honoring the memory of Samuel A Wolfson, our community’s great leader, a builder of synagogues, supporter of families and children, and a believer in the importance of supporting the Jewish community. This award is presented to leaders whose life and work promotes cherished Jewish values including kehillah kedoshah(community), mishpacha (family), henaynu (being there for each other), tikkun olam (social justice), Torah (learning), and tzedakah (charity).

The L’dor Vador Award: Passing Torah onto the Next Generation

Congregation Or Ami announces The L’dor Vador Award: Passing Torah onto the Next Generation is presented to leaders in the Congregation Or Ami or larger Jewish community whose life and work transmit Torah and cherished Jewish values to future generations.