Our Board, Committee Chairs and Task Force Chairs


Rabbi Paul Kipnes

Rabbi Julia Weisz

Cantor Doug Cotler

Board Officers

Lesli Kraut

Vice President
Craig Steinhauer

Vice President
Karin Pofsky

Vice President
Richard Rutkin

Vice President
Sharon Weiss

Alan Kazden

Michelle Finkelstein

Immediate Past President
Fred Gruber

Board of Directors

Board Member
Rachel Dashevsky

Board Member
David DeCastro

Board Member
Dan Germain

Board Member
Sid Goldberg

Board Member
Susie Gruber

Board Member
Dianne Gubin

Board Member
Jeff Hennes

Board Member
Marla Landis

Board Member
Susan Lotwin

Board Member
Erin Mayer

Board Member
Kevin Palm

Board Member
Debby Pattiz

Board Member
Rachel Paul

Board Member
Hannah Spratt

Ex Officio: Rabbi Paul Kipnes, Cantor Doug Cotler, Rabbi Julia Weisz, Michael Kaplan (Advisor to President), Jamie Klinenberg – LoMPTY President

Commitees and Project Chairs

To volunteer for a committee or project, please contact Office Manager Susie Stark or President Lesli Kraut

Henaynu Caring Community Committee
Susie Gruber

Variance Committee
Andrea Sobel

Programming Committee
Laurie Keleman & Brooke Praw

Finance Committee
Alan Kazden

Inclusion Committee
Steve Keleman

Family Mitzvah Club
Rachel & Paul Dashevsky

Community Organizing Team
Cathie Rutkin, Myron Dembo, Nina Treiman & Lesli Kraut

LoMPTY President
Sara Schwartz

Rabbi Julia Weisz

Or Ami One
Deanna Glassberg

Ike & Michelle Finkelstein

Teen Mental Health Task Force
Rabbinic Intern Meir Bargeron & Education Intern Michelle Blumenthal

Kesher and Mensch-ify
Rabbi Julia Weisz