Passover 2021

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Haggadah: Sharing Our Journey (CCARPress)
Download the Haggadah here.
Download a Haggadah Flipbook here.

Enjoy this great Passover Spotify Playlist!

Cantor Doug’s Passover Playlist

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Resources for how to make you Seder engaging

How to Make Your Virtual Seder Lively, Engaging, and Meaningful VIEW

Passover Under Quarantine: Virtual Seders and More VIEW

CCAR Press Passover Resources, including free flipbook Haggadah and discounted Kindle downloads VIEW
PJ Library Passover for Kids VIEW


Passover Prayers For Your Seder During This Pandemic VIEW

Engaging Seders: Give Each Guest a Seder Responsibility Ahead of Time. Inviting participants to prepare creates a more participatory seder VIEW
Why is there a football and a corkscrew on the seder table? Creative seder plate addition to keep people engaged VIEW
Yachatz: The Middle Matzah of Brokenness (a New Ritual). A ritual repurposed from the 2008 financial crisis VIEW
Seder Prep: Make Your Seder a Passover Dinner Party. Easily adapted to a virtual environment VIEW
Can we eat beans, rice, corn and peas on Passover? By Rabbi Eric Berk with Rabbi Paul Kipnes VIEW
Four Daughters Worthy of Mentioning at Seder VIEW

Passover Events

sova sunday 5-9
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