Susie Stark – Office Manager, Rabbi Paul’s Assistant



During the synagogue’s third year, in a very small office off Cheseboro Road in Agoura, Or Ami’s leadership and Rabbi Kipnes hired Susie Stark to become the synagogue’s part time office and rabbi’s assistant. As the synagogue has grown, Susie has assumed increasing responsibilities as the synagogue’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah program coordinator, membership registrar, and office manager.

Susie loves being part of the Or Ami family because it is such a welcoming community. People who call or drop by the synagogue and speak with Susie sense that special warmth and caring, and therefore assume – correctly – that all of Or Ami shares that same haimishe kindness.

Susie and her husband Allan have two sons Geoffrey and Alex; both boys became Bar Mitzvah at Or Ami. The whole family participated in our Mishpacha Family Learning program for many years. Outside of work, Susie enjoys spending time with her family. She loves her husband’s gourmet cooking and wine cellar, reading a good book, and taking her dog Harley on long walks.

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