613 Mitzvah Masks

Have you already made masks? Click here so we can add them to the count! Post on Social Media and inspire others with hashtags #613Masks and #OrAmi

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For most of us, the coronavirus feels uncertain and scary. But in spite of those feelings, many of us have been moved to ask, “How can I help?”

With the goal of creating multiples of 613 homemade masks (613=the number of mitzvot in the Torah), Congregation Or Ami is committed to making a difference. With everyone’s support we can provide crucial help to healthcare and other essential workers who are working tirelessly.

Inspire others and let us know you made masks by posting on Social Media with the hashtags #613Masks and #OrAmi

How to Participate

  1. Learn how to make masks
  2. Begin making masks
  3. Click here to let us know how many you have made (or will make).
  4. Distribute them to healthcare and other essential workers, or contact Social Action Coordinator Laurie Tragen-Boykoff for instructions on where to drop them off. Click here to email Laurie.

Below are several resources with instructions on creating no-sew and sew masks. We will communicate shortly regarding plans for a mass distribution of the masks, but please click here and fill out this form to let us know you have made masks!

Sincerely and warmly,

Rabbi Paul, Rabbi Julia & Laurie Tragen-Boykoff, Social Action Coordinator

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