Business Roundtable – June 10, 2021

WHEN: 7:30 – 9:00 am, June 10 2021

WHERE: On Zoom, Zoom opens at 7:30 am for general catch-ups.  At 7:45 am we’ll have a brief icebreaker.  The program starts at 8 am.

Please join us for an hour of Zoom networking and a highly interactive program.

FACILITATOR: Janice Miller, Managing Partner of Miller Haga

TOPIC:‘Coopertition’ is the business notion that competitors can work cooperatively together for the benefit of their clients.  The focus is on how through exploring the alphabet, participants will be better acquainted with the Coopertition concept, which leads to how to work and play well with others, even if they are your direct competitors.”

About JANICE MILLER: Janice Miller is the managing partner of Miller Haga and is a highly recognized legal expert with over 25 years of experience as an innovative general counsel.  She represents the firm’s clients in business transactions, real estate leasing, entertainment, intellectual property, licensing, hospitality, and the emerging legal field of unmanned aerial systems (“drones”). The firm’s clients have come to rely on Janice’s insightful dispute resolution strategies as a preventive measure to avoid litigation. She is a noted speaker and panelist at conferences relating to location-based entertainment venues, theme park legislation, real estate, leasing, intellectual property and licensing, and drones.

 Janice is also an expert in the business strategy of Coopertition℠ (the notion that competitors can work together cooperatively for the benefit of their clients).  She serves as a strategic legal partner and business advisor, providing the firm’s clients with pragmatic, cost-effective legal and business solutions that minimize risk and maximize profits.

 The Or Ami Business Roundtable allows you to deepen relationships with other Or Ami members while discussing business, and spirituality, with a fun Jewish focus.