Rabbi Paul’s Son’s Wedding – May 9 2022

Dear Or Ami Family,

We celebrate that Rabbi Paul Kipnes and Michelle November’s son Daniel and his fiancé Noam Soffer are getting married during the weekend of May 13-15. We wish them simcha (overflowing joy) as they create warm memories together.  

Rabbi Paul will be away from Thursday, May 12th through Wednesday, May 18th, preparing for, celebrating, and then reminiscing about the family’s first wedding.  

Rabbi Paul’s good friend, Rabbi Ron Stern, is officiating at the wedding, allowing Paul Kipnes to just be “dad”, to walk his son down the aisle with Michelle, to hold her hand under the chuppah, and to allow the tears to flow freely. 

Let’s ensure that our Rabbi Paul can enjoy an uninterrupted experience of overflowing joy. During this period (5/12-5/18), we ask that you help us give him space by not texting or emailing him. We all know our Rabbi Paul – he cannot help but respond when people reach out to him, especially when they are in need, even when they are just celebrating with him. 

This is his time. So, our team – Rabbi Julia Weisz, Cantor Doug Cotler, and our Adjunct Rabbi Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik (who has provided rabbinic coverage for years when our rabbis have been away) – are ready to offer whatever support you may need. 

So let’s share our best wishes now through May 11th. If you are moved to give tzedakah in honor of this simcha, consider the Linda and Ken Kipnes Memorial Fund, named after the couple’s grandparents, which supports youth programming. 

Let’s bless him with “radio silence,” until he comes home to schepp nachas (share the pride and joy) – and perhaps a few more poems – with us all. 

Mazel tov Rabbi Paul and Michelle! We are so happy for you!  


President Craig Steinhauer    Rabbi Julia Weisz


My Son, My Boy’s Getting Married
By Paul Kipnes

My son, my boy’s getting married
And the heavens are overflowing with joy!
My son, my boy’s getting married
What a love-empowered, life-enhancing ploy!

His girl, she soon will be my daughter!
What wonder! How awesome! How quaint!
My heart is now bursting open!
I’m swooning, I feel kinda faint

Because my son, MY son is getting married!!
And Existence is coming alive!!
And as these two, these kids approach their wedding!!
My heart’s overflowing with love here inside!!

Soon these kids, MY kids are getting married!!!
And I tear up- it feels just so fine!!!
And I smile when I think all about it!!!
I’ll never be the same… as the world now shimmers and shines!!!